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A Letter from Pastor Shane

Since 2009, it’s been my privilege to help train more than 1,600 teachers and pastors in North and South America in the art and science of making their schools the best they can be. And at each training event, SVAE is not far from my mind. Whether it’s our top-shelf principal, Tim LaPierre, or the richly qualified staff that teach our students, SVAE has provided the Shenandoah Valley (and now also a good slice of the world) with a living example of just how good an elementary school can be. If you’re looking for one of the best schools in the nation for your child, SVAE rightly deserves a place at the top of your list. Our students’ test scores are excellent. Our teaching staff is exemplary, with a number of them having been recognized nationally for their skills. Our location is phenomenal, square in the heart of nature. And if you’re considering the long-term, our campus is also adjacent to Shenandoah Valley Academy. Combined with our very active church family, our two schools make for a package that has proven over the years to be a dream come true for thousands of families.

According to Grace Works, a national education consulting firm, SVAE enjoys one of the highest parent approval ratings in the nation. Please accept my personal invitation to come and see what those parents are so excited about!

Shane Anderson
Senior Pastor, New Market Seventh-day Adventist Church
Author, How to Kill Adventist Education: (And How to Give It a Fighting Chance!)