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These are resources for families of enrolled students.  (see RenWeb for login information)


With ParentsWeb you can view information specific to your children, while protecting your children’s information from others.
All you need is a  computer to view information such as:
  • Grades
  • Progress Reports
  • Missing Assignments
  • Family Directories
  • Teacher E-mail Addresses
  • Tuition Statements
Log in to RenWeb’s parent portal and access your child’s attendance and grades (and more).

First-time Login Instructions:

Click the link near the “Login” box to create a new ParentsWeb account.  Then, enter the e-mail address you provided to the school as your username and submit.  A temporary password will be e-mailed to you.  After you successfully login to RenWeb you can change your username and password in the “Family Information” box on the menu bar on the left.

Encyclopedia Britannica

  • Encyclopedia Britannica-A complimentary service The North American Division of Seventh-day-Adventists provides to our students so they can have a trusted, well-researched and age appropriate learning resource

Rosetta Stone

  • Rosetta Stone-A Natural Immersion method that incorporates 5 essential elements to language-learning success:

-Image recognition
-Natural Intuition

Think Central

  • Think Central-An interactive computer based website for students to obtain assistance in learning Math in Focus®.  Math in Focus originated in Singapore  and  has consistently out performed other nations and school districts since 1995. This is the first year we will be using this  world class program and ThinkCentral is a wonderful resource tool to supplement in learning the new concepts.


Raz-Kids is a library of online, interactive books.

The annual Raz-Kids licenses we purchase allow each of our students in grades 1-5 to access this collection of animated books.  Students can improve comprehension and fluency as they read with vocabulary and pronunciation support, record themselves reading, listen to books read aloud, and complete quizzes on the leveled books.

Use these convenient links at home & school:

1st-2nd Raz-Kids Login

3rd Grade Raz-Kids Login

4th Grade Raz-Kids Login

5th Grade Raz-Kids Login