PreK - 8th

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We are creating an atmosphere where spiritual growth, in the lives of our students, can be encouraged and nurtured.  It is through our Spiritual Leadership Program that a working partnership with God is developed as students learn to make God the Lord of their lives through prayer and inspiration.  These young people begin to see people the way God sees them.  This newly developed “hunger” for souls is the motivation to develop their God-given leadership potential.

Our program is targeted towards our oldest students, the 7th & 8th graders, who are the student leaders in our school. They have a powerful influence on the younger children who look up to them as an example. Each school year begins with a spiritual retreat for the entire 7th-8th class. During this time together students make commitments to allow God to lead in their lives to reach goals they set personally and collectively.

Throughout the school year the majority of these students choose to be part of a dynamic group by leading out in one of our weekly chapels. The students are mentored along the way by the director of this program and some act as a mentor for their peers. Our 7th-8th students are also invited to join Good News 101, a spiritually-focused club, where students have the opportunity to grow in their walk with Christ as they plan service and outreach projects for our community. In the spring, the entire class is responsible for the Week of Worship. The students portray the story of a Bible character such as Esther, Daniel and Joseph. They research and write the script for a five-part play with a central theme which provides a message applicable today. The class dramatizes one part each day, complete with full costumes, props and sets. In addition, following the play, one student prepares and presents a sermonette to give the audience an opportunity to respond to the Holy Spirit. This major production has a powerful impact on the PreK-6th students as well as the presenters.

These efforts are helping to establish a role of responsibility for our 7th-8th class and a sense of anticipation for the younger students who look forward to being spiritual leaders as well. We are proud of the leaders that we are producing—students that are equipped to face the challenges that may lie ahead of them in high school as they become the hands and feet of Christ to those around them.